Welcome to Untold Stories

You are the brave ones. You are those whom some men call pioneers. You are those who can look beneath the surface and see the potential that lurks there, deep within. It is you who see the diamonds in the rough.

For this, we thank you.

It is for people like you, the visionaries, that we have not only created Untold, but also this newsletter. Not only to entertain and inform you, but also to thank you. For, it is because of people like you that Untold will grow and become what we believe that it is destined to be.

We cannot, however, do it alone. One of the founding principles of Wandering Men Studios is that many are stronger than the few. Four brains are smarter than one. The logical extension of this belief is that many can accomplish things that only few can dream of.

We need you.

We need you to tell others of what you believe, of what you feel, of what you know.

Not just others, but us too. We need you to tell us what you believe, feel, and know -- about Untold. We need your input to make this game, this website, even this newsletter - as absolutely awesome as it can be.

And we know it.

We're not like other companies, who don't listen to their customers. We've heard your cries - we know that you're weary of being drained for every dollar just to play a game that's enjoyable. We know that you're fed up with books becoming obsolete only a short time after their purchased and learned. We know. We're listening.

So tell us. Tell us what you think about what we're doing. We will listen and will try our best to adapt.

In the meantime, enjoy this -- we've created it for you. We've created it to thank you for being you. For being the visionaries that you are.

We're looking forward to what lies ahead...


Untold: Horizons

So what is coming with Untold? What's the newest scoop? Drumroll please....


Yes, you read that right. I typed: playtest.

First of all - don't panic. Untold is NOT going anywhere. 'Cept maybe into the RPG Book of Most Awesome Games EVAR! You see, we've gotten some really, really, really awesome feedback from our trips to Imagicon and KWAKCON. So good, in fact, that we've discovered a brand new way to make Untold even better than it is now!

Now, don't take that to mean that Untold is any less AWESOME than we've told you it is -- UNTOLD IS CRAZILY AWESOME.


We're pretty darn sure we've discovered a way to make it even better. Yes, I know, this sounds like foolishness and crazy talk, but we really think we've hit on something that will totally take Untold to the next level on a grand order of magnitude.

And, we'd like for each of you to be involved!

So, we're shutting down the store (for now) and moving things into Open Playtest. We'll be announcing this on the site soon, but you heard it here first! Please let us know if you're interested in helping us out!


Untold: Secrets

Want a peek at what is coming down the Untold pipe? You came to the right place! We've gotten some really awesome artwork in recently and we've been itching to share it with you. We ask that you keep this secret and not share them -- we want the newsletter to be the only place where folks can see what's coming for Untold. So don't be a spoil-sport! ;) Feel free to talk about how awesome these new images are, however - on the forums, on Facebook, on Twitter - where ever! Hey, if you even want to blog about them - let us know, we just might send the images to you for *that* very special purpose!

Without further ado:

This fellow is an Apoc Churl Berzerker! Gnarly, huh?
This fellow is an Apoc Churl Berzerker! Gnarly, huh?

An Apoc Churl Hunter!
And here we have an awesome Apoc Churl Hunter! WOO WEE!

Got an idea for where these guys might come from? Got a cool backstory that matches the images? Do these images inspire you to write a short story or two? If so, post 'em in our forum! We'd love to see what you come up with!



Untold: Gaming

Note: As with all of the characters that we present to you on Untoldthegame.com, this is only ONE of the infinite possibilities for this character. It is provided to inspire and guide you, NOT force you into using this character "as is". Feel free to use this character as a starting point for your own creation, as a featured character in your own game, or not at all -- it is completely up to you! However you decide to use this character, please provide us with feedback - comment on our website or drop us a line in our forums, or submit your own character write-up; we'd love to hear from you!

Name: Toa
Race: Apoc Churl Path: Combatant 6; Sex: Male; Ht: 9' 8"; Wt: 620 lbs.
Character Description/Notes: First son of the Hndai tribe, the mountainous Apoc known as Toa is the pride of the entire island chain known as Ahomana Ahohako. To many of his Churl brethren it seems that Toa is blessed of the ancient gods of Earth and Fire. Toa possesses powerful abilities that far exceed that of any man, be he Churl or no, and the loud-mouthed warrior seems to grow ever stronger with each successive use of those abilities. This behemoth of a man knows only success in battle, as he has never been defeated, and in truth, this fact has created a minuscule crack in his impressive bulwark of earth-girded muscle and bones: Toa believes that he CANNOT be defeated.

Deep down inside, the huge islander feels that he has truly been chosen by the gods of old and that it is he who will succeed his father and one day, rule not only the island of Ahomana Ahohako but indeed, the entire world and the realms beyond! Perhaps to give credence to this claim, Toa now hears the rumbling of the earth and the pounding of the lava in his mind, and feels pressed to answer the CALL that now swells in his heart.

Toa's father, Enakai, supports the departure of his son to follow this mission of the gods: expanding his empire would be a thing worthy of a first son! Besides, there are no other challengers brave or foolish enough upon the whole of the Ahomana Ahohako island chain to challenge his boastful son... Enakai is torn: he wishes his son to succeed for the good of their people, but he also hopes that his son might, in a way, fail, for the good of his son's braggart spirit!

Toa's mother, 'A'ala, vanished seven years ago in a mysterious event that rocked Ahomana Ahohako to its core. All of the preparations were underway for the approaching Feast of Ilihia (or Feast of Awe), wherein the inhabitants of the tiny island chain sing and dance their praises to the strange energies which arise and surge throughout their island. As was custom, 'A'ala swam with the other Churl females to the sea caves off the coasts of the islands to gather the deadly, but vision-inducing toxins of the giant sea slugs that live therein. Meanwhile, the males took to the open waters, in hopes of finding and capturing a living Brine-hydra, which could be sacrificed and eaten at the feast.

Something terrible happened in those sea caves. Something that only a few of the females of Toa's tribe lived to speak of. Horrible creatures, belching steam and dark, slick fluid rose up from the now-polluted waters of the cave. With hides harder than the sharpest obsidian and whirling knives keener than their toughest hide and turtle-shell shields, the hissing beasts set upon them.

Many female Churl, despite their fearsome warrior nature, fell. Many more still were captured, narrowly being drawn into the hollow, cave-like bellies of some of the creatures before they all plunged beneath the surging waves. It is a day that Toa has never forgotten and now bears a terrible wound that has yet to heal...

Tactics: Toa fears nothing, and wades directly into combat, wielding Maaka, his crystal-encrusted "holy hammer" and screaming the war cry of his people. The onslaught of the combination of his deadly powers and prowess is something truly awe-inspiring; unless you're on the receiving end of it.


Untold: Answers

This is the section where we like to answer questions that we receive from fans, or possibly address a "FAQ" or "Frequently Asked Question". Feel free to contact us with your questions for this section, or simply post them in the forum. What's the question for this month? Well, if we had to pin it down, I would have to say that the most frequently asked question we've gotten (right after -- "What is Untold?") would be:

Where did you get the idea?

The answer, as with most questions posed to the Wandering Men, requires a bit of a story. We're all gamers and Ashy had a long-running game which used a very popular rule-set of which we're sure many of you are familiar. However, with multiple rules revisions and more looming, as well as with the complexity of the game's rules, Ashy decided that he'd had enough. He decided that he would create a game of his own. After all, he'd done a fair amount of game design, so nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Armed with his well-rounded knowledge of gaming systems on the market, Ashy's noble quest soon lead him to a system that was close to his goal, but still lacked something. You see, Ashy wanted a system that was both easy and offered nearly endless flexibility and ease of play (no short order in any type of game, much less an RPG). After several botched attempts at hodge-podging his own system, and one not-so-successful playtest, one of his players and fellow Wandering Man, Nathan, made a comment about distilling some of the effects of his system into cards. Ashy thought this was a cool idea, after all, some of the larger companies in the world at that time were doing similar things.

The game ended; everyone left.

Then the idea hit him like a ton of bricks. If you could distill one part of the game into cards - why not do that with everything? Make every element of an RPG character into a card and then -- it would be easy, right?

Ashy immediately called Nathan and told him the idea. The excitement was palpable. They knew they had something.

Now, all they had to do was to discern...

How to make it all work?

But that is an entirely different story!


Untold: Endplate

If you haven't been checking the site recently, you've been missing ALOT! Here's a quick rundown of the Untold goodness available everyday for free on our site!

There's lot's more where that came from as well! So tell your friends about Untold! Drop us a line and let us know where you live. We'd love to schedule a Demo in your area! Join us on our forums and comment -- did you know you can comment on any post on the entire website!?! Be sure and follow us on Twitter and Friend us on Facebook and MySpace! See you soon!

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